i502 ClubJust heard that the next 2 integrator meetings are cancelled. Next meeting will be 3rd week in April. Lot's of reasons for that & we're hoping everything in WA comes back healthy & strong. We're also optimistic i502 licensee's can weather the current conditions, keep their team members healthy, & are playing a role in helping lots of cooped up people right now. It feels like all of WA is under quarantine.

1 week ago

    i502 ClubIntegrators just met. Reviewed some recent requirements for api access. Covered 1 specific ticket pertaining to manifests. Other things are on people's minds. We're hoping everyone takes the steps to keep themselves & their elderly family members healthy. They're stubborn and may need some rules explained.

    2 weeks ago

      i502 ClubEnhanced Search

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      1 month ago

      i502 ClubWe've rolled out an Azure Cache for Redis implementation so our caching solution is super potent. You may not notice it right now but it will help out going forward.

      1 month ago